Toys: LIVING DEAD DOLLS adds UNIVERSAL MONSTERS to their family with new DRACULA figure

The folks over at Mezco Toys have let us in on an exciting new installment in their Living Dead Dolls franchise. They are adding the Universal Monsters to the mix and first figure coming out is the “prince of darkness” Dracula. Read on for the details and a peek at the figure below.

This bad boy will probably get gobbled up by all you Universal Monsters fans out there.

From Press Release:

Living Dead Dolls Presents Universal Monsters: Dracula

The children of the night…such music they make!- Dracula

Dracula; one of the first Universal Monsters, and hands down the most famous vampire of all time. The king of the vampires is the latest addition to the Living Dead Dolls line.

Damien Glonek, one of the trio who created the Living Dead Dolls says “Universal Monsters are the true foundation of the horror genre.  Each has become a recognized character to people of all ages from all over the world and still seem as popular today as when their movies first came out.  They have started out as Monsters and have become icons.  When the opportunity arose to work on the Universal Monsters I was very excited to give back to the genre that I love so much.”

From his widow’s peak to the hem of his cape, every detail of Dracula has been captured. The Count wears one of the most regal outfits ever produced for a Living Dead Doll; he comes complete with full evening dress, his trademark cape, his famous medallion, his red Carnelian stone ring, and even his watch chain, have been carefully recreated. Special attention has been paid to his hypnotic eyes; they seem to stare into your very soul as one eyebrow arches upwards, beckoning you to your doom.

Living Dead Dolls Count Dracula comes complete in a collector friendly window box featuring art from the famous film. He is available for pre-order online and will be in stores in October 2013.

draculadracula 2

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