TV Review BATES MOTEL – “Trust Me”

Let’s see what misadventures our little mother-lovin’ Normie got into this week…

Spoiler Alert!

We left our hero last week at the humble home of Deputy Shelby.  He made his way to the basement and discovered a drugged young lady on a bean bag.  Cut to this week.  Turns out the mysterious motorcyclist that passed Norman on the road was none other than his big brother Dylan.  He followed Norm to Shelby’s and witnessed him sneak in.  When Shelby suddenly arrived I was quite concerned that Dylan would rat Norm out.  To my surprise he used the clever ran out of gas ruse to buy Norman enough time to climb out the basement window.  He promised the gal who was desperately grasping his ankle that he would come back for her.  We shall see.  The next morning Norma meets Shelby and they have some fun in one of the motel rooms.  To Norma’s chagrin Dylan is sitting on the porch and catches them almost in the act.  I could hear Dylan filing this tidbit in his brain under “blackmail”.  Later on Norman is washing windows on the motel and sees Bradley placing a cross on the spot where her burnt-to-a-crisp daddy crashed his expensive car.


That night Norman is leaving the video store…really?  Well it is a small town.  Deputy Shelby spots Norm after he hands out a citation and surprises him at the end of a dark alley.  Turns out thoughtful Normie was picking up some movies to take Bradley’s mind off her troubles.  Shelby says that the two of them need to get to know each other better because he likes Norm’s mother very much.  He suggests a fishing trip to a secluded spot…run Norman!  Run!  Not surprisingly this freaks Norm out so he runs to mommy and tells her about the girl he found in Shelby’s basement.  While sleeping over at Shelby’s Norma heads to the basement and discovers…nothing.  The morning after Norm is forced to go on the fishing trip where Shelby asks if Norm can trust him.  He begrudgingly says yes.  Their excursion is cut short when Shelby is called for duty.  He heads to the dock where a fishing net has caught something…a hand with a distinct looking watch on it.  It appears to be Keith Summers’ (the rapist and former owner of Norma and Norman’s property).

Shelby comes to the house to collect Norma.  Sheriff Romero wants to question her.  He tells her that they found carpet fibers under the watch band and he will match that to the motel carpet that mother and son were ripping out the first night he met them.  Norma keeps her cool until she is released.  She picks Norman up and they head to the dumpster.  Of course it is empty.  Norma calls the number on the bin and gives the convoluted story that she lost her wedding ring while disposing of garbage.  Cut to Norman and Norma at the dump.  Norma completely freaks out and attempts to climb the tall fence.  Not so cool now is she?

At the home front Norman and Dylan take swigs from a bottle and do some brotherly bonding on the motel porch.  I’m beginning to trust Dylan…I don’t know if that’s a mistake or not but I think he feels sorry for the stranglehold that Norma has on Norman.  Normie feels safe enough to tell Dylan about Keith Summers, the rape, the belt, Shelby and the Chinese girl!  What a blabbermouth!  It was kind of touching when Norm received a text from Bradley and Dylan encouraged him to invite himself to her house.  With a little nudge Norm agrees and makes his way to the grand estate.  Bradley lets him in and they do the hanky panky in her room (Gasp!).  What will mother think of this Norman?!  Norma asks Dylan where the hell Norman is and as they argue the doorbell chimes.  It is Sheriff Romero.  Norma is under arrest for the murder of Keith Summers!  Dun dun dun!!!

Admittedly this episode was a little slow for my liking…but not every episode can be a roller coaster ride can it?  I liked the camaraderie between Norman and Dylan.  We’ll have to wait until next week to see how cool Norma is under arrest and if Dylan has any ulterior motives.  Let me know what you thought of this episode and tune in next Monday on A&E.  Thanks for reading friendos!

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