TV Review: The Walking Dead: SEASON FINALE, Episode 16 (SPOILERS)

Here it is, ladies and gents. If you think your predictions of the season finale of The Walking Dead, think again. Here’s my review.

the-walking-dead-s3-poster  The last weeks we have seen the preparation for the fight between the Woodbury and the Prison camps. We also see the very rapid unraveling of the Governor’s mental state. Last week we also saw the human death and zombie death of  Merle at the hand of the Governor (human death) and Darryl (zombie death). We also see that Milton decides to forgo any previous relationship with the Governor prior to the zombie apocalypse and tries to help Andrea warn the Prison camp of the impending doom that will be coming for them. However, Milton is a terrible liar and the Governor finds out his betrayal and goes and hunts down Andrea in a chilling episode last week. For more of info on last week’s episode click HERE.




Now, for the season finale. The  first shot we see is the Governor beating the crap out of someone (we see it from the persons perspective), and find out its Milton. In an attempt to help save Andrea and make one last attempt to resist the new crazy Governor, Milton sacrifices his life. While trapped in a room with a dying Milton, Andrea tries to save herself but can’t free herself from handcuffs before Milton turns and bites her. Meanwhile, the “Woodbury Army” raids the prison and finds an empty prison boobytrapped. In a surprise attack, the Woodbury Army retreats and flees the prison, much to the chagrin of The Governor. One of the Army soldiers runs into the woods, only to be gunned down by Carl. A few miles down the road, the Governor stops the retreating caravan and unleashes the beast that is the unhinged Governor, gunning down 97% of the Army. Rick stumbles upon a surviving Army member, who leads them back to Woodbury to rescue Andrea, who they realize didn’t make it back to the Prison a few episodes back.

When Rick arrives at the Prison, they find Andrea, bitten and struggling to survive. They leave Michonne to comfort Andrea in her last few minutes. In a last attempt to be sane and human, Rick brings back a school bus full of Woodbury survivors back to the Prison, where they can create and build a new home.

At the end of the season, we know that the Governor is running with Martinez and another Woodbury Soldier, however, we don’t know where they went because they weren’t at Woodbury. This means that the Governor is still a threat to the Prison group.


Any thoughts on tonight’s season finale? What would you like to see in the next season????

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