TV Recap: IN THE FLESH – EPISODE 3 (spoilers!)

Last night’s episode of  In The Flesh was the final in this short season and I couldn’t help but feel that the writers had struggled to get all the loose ends tied within the hour in case the show doesn’t get renewed.

This weeks installment opens to the unlikely morning after scenario between sassy undead Amy and uptight Parish Councillor Phillip. Luckily we don’t get to see what went down beforehand, but neither one of them seems super happy about it today (Phillip I can understand, he must’ve been wasted, but Amy can’t drink – how has she ended up in this mess?) The pair decide in a less than friendly manner that it would be best if no-one found out about it. Which leads to what might be the only comical scene in this episode – Phillip runs into his mother (the PDS nurse) as he leaves and both make up stories to explain their presence.

Rick In The Flesh

From here on in the episode gets more and more dramatic, and it becomes clearer and clearer that this isn’t a zombie show, but rather a kitchen sink drama with some zombies in it.

After an attack from one of the HVF and watching a video from the zombie messiah, Amy decides she’s had enough of small town life and heads to the train station, in the meantime Keiran and his sister have it all out and end up bonding over the fact that he killed her best friend and that she didn’t stop him. The two make plans to go and see the parents of his last kill and claim responsibility. In a somewhat odd turn of events it turns out that her parents are totally okay with it. They think she’s just going to come back from the dead (apparently that’s not the way these zombies work) but they’re happy with their hope.

Meanwhile, Rick is ordered by his father to kill Keiran – turns out our Bill is still narky about Rick siding with Keiran over not killing the feral PDS sufferers the previous night. Rick sneaks out and leaves Keiran a voicemail telling him to run, but later Rick stands up to his father presenting him with his real zombie face and telling him Keiran is just like him, so he won’t hurt him.

The mothers of PDS sufferers support group meets in the village hall and for the first time we see the women of this community have voices. Usually resigned to supporting the men, we hear from Keiran’s mother about how angry she is at K for killing himself and Rick’s mother chimes in agreement but mostly happiness about having her “handsome man” home

Cut to Keiran returning home after seeing Amy off, and finding Rick’s dead body slumped outside his house. In a rage he removes the knife from Rick’s skull and runs off to confront Bill about murdering his son. Ricks mother has returned home and is oblivious to the murder until Keiran attacks Bill and tells her what he’s done. Bill responds by leaving the house and promptly being shot by the man whose PDS wife he killed in the first episode.

Keiran runs off to hide in the cave he and Rick used to fool around in, until his mother finds him and brings him home. Once home he forces his father to confront him about his suicide years before. After the tension dies down, the family is reunited.

One of the problems I have with this show is how it was set up like it was going to be an entire series – all sorts of questions were  asked, things were alluded to. And where’s our closure?  If this was always to be a mini-series then it should’ve been scripted that way.

The characters in this show were just starting to find their feet, I was just beginning to care about them, and now they’re gone…

I’d still recommend this, but probably not to zombie fans.

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