Editorial: Brian Collins’ HORROR MOVIE A DAY comes to an end.

All great things must come to an end and Brian Collins’ Horror Movie A Day blog is no different. If you are not familiar with the site or Brian Collins this article may have you reading his reviews on a daily bases from now on to catch up on what ya missed. Read on for our send off to a great horror review site.

horror-movie-a-daysIn 2008 Brain Collins started Horror Movie A Day with a simple purpose, to review a horror movie a day. Simple right? Wrong! Everyday a movie, no matter what, you must watch a movie and review it and get people criticizing you and bad mouthing you daily for them sometimes.  Imagine the hours of sitting in front of a screen watching terrible horror movies because, above all else, you love it? All of these things Brian Collins has done and gone through for horror. Now that’s passion people.

Brian didn’t take a vacation, or miss certain days of the week and make it up later, no no. He was there everyday on Horror Movie A Day bringing you fiends quality reviews that were to the point and sometimes brutally honest. The volume of films Brian has reviewed is staggering and we applaud his efforts.

Every time I had the chance to chat with Brian, whether it be on Twitter or in person, he was always super nice and helped me find some lost horror gems that I had forgotten about just by describing a few scenes(shows how much this guy watches flicks). The midnight screenings he would organize with the New Beverly Cinema out here in Los Angeles were top notch and I am proud to say we have attend our fair share.

His love of films has garnered more than just a website with reviews. He has been on countless horror dvd’s and blu-ray’s talking about films. He has built much notoriety in the horror genre with fans and critics alike and we couldn’t be happier for him.

The final Horror Movie a Day blog – his 2,500th review, can be found at the link. His love for this genre will always be remembered and we will constantly be visiting the site for some reminders of films that we loved too.

Thanks Brian for all the memories and love you have shown to the horror community.  You deserve your rest.


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  1. Brian
    April 1, 2013 at 5:40 PM


    Since “retiring” I’ve watched one horror movie and written two posts 🙂

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