Marc Forster talks about what went into making WORLD WAR Z

At a very limited screening last week at Paramount Studios, Marc Forster who directed World War Z, answered some questions about the film and reveals he didn’t want to make a zombie film until he read the Max Brooks novel his film is adapted from. Read on for the details.

At the screening, the folks from Empire magazine got a surprise visit from Forster who answered a few questions.

Via Empire: When asked if he thought the talk of trouble and rushed development was true, he quickly shot down such thinking. “I wouldn’t say it was rushed into production, it’s not the right way to talk about it. We were developing the script and when you’re developing a film on a massive scale from scratch, on these productions you’re never completely prepared because you can prep the movie for a year and still come up with things.

“There’s never enough time to prep something on that scale. We walked in there and were prepared. We finished the film on time, we didn’t go over schedule, so that’s a sign for me that we on time in that sense, and that’s usually a sign that things are out of control. We re-created the ending, but everything else worked.”

When asked why it takes 12 seconds in the footage we saw for the infection to turn someone into a zombie (one of many elements not in Brooks’ original book, which only ever features slow creatures), Forster explained that it was a narrative choice. “We discussed it for a long time and I decided that for dramatic reasons, we decided it was 12 seconds. You’ll see in the movie, in different parts of the world, sometimes it takes a little longer, and it was a number we felt for dramatic storytelling it was the right amount.”

As for why he wanted to tackle a giant zombie thriller in the first place? He’s a fan and, according to Forster, the time is right once more. “Zombie movies seem to become popular in a time of change. In the ’70s when they were popular that was a time of change and now it’s the same thing,” he says. “So many things are changing in the world and I think that’s why people are attracted to zombie movies. So whatever that change may be, there are signs everywhere and I’m an optimist and hope it’ll be a positive change. But still… Change can be scary!”

World War Z hits our screens on June 21.


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