ZOMBIELAND 2 officially on hold says films writers, plus news on series for Amazon

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, writers of Zombieland have officially said the sequel is on hold but are very excited about the upcoming Amazon series. Read on to find out more.zombielandWe have learned that the series  pilot could air sometime next month so be ready fiends.

The writing duo talked with our friends over at Comingsoon.net and they found out some pretty cool info about the series and its pilot.

Eli Craig (Tucker and Dale Versus Evil) directed the pilot.  It was revealed yesterday that Amazon will monitor viewer feedback to determine whether the pilot will go to series.

Here’s what they had to say:

Wernick: We wrote the pilot and we’re show-running it. We shot the pilot in Atlanta about three weeks ago. We’re cutting it together now. It’ll air on Amazon in mid-April. We hope to get a series pick-up soon thereafter and then, probably in November, we’ll have a full 12-episode order. It’s always been our baby. We’ve lived with it for nine years now. We wrote a spec pilot for CBS in 2005, before it became a movie. We wake up thinking about it and we go to bed thinking about it. It’s a huge, huge thrill for us and one that I think the fans are going to be pleasantly surprised with how the pilot turned out. We’re fired up.

Reese: We’re very fired up. We have a new cast playing the same characters and they’re wonderful. Just wonderful. They really invoke the spirit of the characters without stepping on the original cast too much. They’re very different, but equally talented. We have a wonderful director who directed a movie called “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.” He did a great job on the pilot. We’re just thrilled to give it new life and Amazon has given us that opportunity. It’s an exciting place to be.

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