Truly Disturbing Headline: Norwegian Massacre To Be Made Into Musical

I really wish I was joking.  It would appear that Anders Breivik’s brutal murder of 69 people of the Norwegian island of Utoya is to be made into a musical.  Read on for the disturbing details.

Acclaimed British writer David Greig has confirmed he will immortalise Breivik — who went on a shooting rampage in July 2011, just two hours after a bomb he planted in Oslo killed eight people and injured 209 — in a new play, which will be called The Events.

Grieg travelled to Norway with director Ramin Gray three months after the killings.

The pair spoke to family and friends of Breivik’s victims and as a mark of respect, decided to change the location of the play to Scotland and refrain from naming Breivik expressly.

“Oslo is not a huge city and everybody pretty much knows everybody else, so almost everyone we spoke to had been affected,” Greig told The Observer.

“Some people asked us not to write or talk about Breivik. I am not at all certain whether we give him a victory by ignoring him or trying to understand him. That is what I wanted to question.”

“We had a lot of angst about whether it was at all right to even do something on this,” Gray added.

The play will debut in Edinburgh in June or July before travelling to London.

Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in prison in 2012.

Last year, another play based on his crimes was criticised by relatives of the victims.

Danish director Christian Lollike staged his play, titled Manifesto 2083, while Breivik was in court, leading lawmakers and Danish parents of the victims to condemn it as “an acceptance of his acts”.

Source: Australian Woman’s Weekly

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  1 comment for “Truly Disturbing Headline: Norwegian Massacre To Be Made Into Musical

  1. Pissed off Norwegian
    May 6, 2014 at 4:01 PM

    Where in the fucking fuck would this be an acceptable thing to do? As a person who lost several close friends in the shootings and as a person who loves musicals I find this to be fucking insulting. And when they agreed to not write or talk about Breivik, where is it at all appropriate to make a fucking MUSICAL about it! David Greig and Ramin Grey seems to be some of the worst people I have heard about. This killed so much of the happiness in me I am going to fucking quit the internet for a few day to recuperate!

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