The Walking Dead, Episode 15–SPOILERS

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was pretty intense. If you’ve seen it read below. Careful, there are SPOILERS in my review. Tread carefully.

the-walking-dead-s3-posterThe last two weeks, we saw both the Woodbury and Prison camps were starting their preparations for battle with each other. Woodbury prepped by gathering some free weapons: walkers. The Prison camp started to brace themselves for battle, and Rick started considering giving up Michonne to the Governor. Andrea, who has realized that she’s been fully duped by the Governor and sees his evil, psychotic side, tries to flee Woodbury to warn her former survivor family. In slasher movie-style hunt, the Governor hunts down Andrea just as she gets within eyesight of the Prison, and stashes her in a torture room back at Woodbury. For more of my review of the past two weeks, click HERE.


This week was the “lull” before the storm (aka season finale). Merle is on his way to take Michonne to Woodbury in hopes that the Governor would reconsider attacking the Prison. After a battle between Merle/Michonne vs Walkers, Merle has a change of heart, and lets Michonne go and tells her to go back to the prison, and that he has stuff to take care of. Meanwhile, back at the Prison, Glen starts to feel the impending doom and doesn’t want Maggie to go without knowing how much he truly loves her and cares for her. In pre-apocolyptic fashion, he sits down with Hershel and tells him his feelings for Maggie, and wants to ask her to marry him so she knows he loves her in case things go bad when the Governor attacks. With Hershel’s blessing, Glen “acquires” a really nice engagement ring from a prison walker, and proposes to Maggie, who says yes. Merle, who suddenly got stricken with a sense of morality, cleverly sets up a one-man attack on the Governor’s henchmen to try and get closer to the psycho and take him out. With his brilliant plan, Merle tries his hardest to save the day and with a freak coincidence just narrowly misses assassinating the Governor. Darryl has already set out to stop his brother from his assassination attempt and discovers the zombified shell of what once was his brother bent over a corpse eating guts. Darryl is then forced to put down the wild dog that was once his big brother Merle once and for all.

This definitely was a hard episode to swallow. I, for once, was crying at the end, and I know thousands of people on Twitter, Facebook, and the online community are shocked by last nights fall of Merle.

Stay tuned for the heart-pounding SEASON FINALE next week.











RIP Merle Dixon, we loved to hate and love you.

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