Concept art revealed for PARADISE LOST film that never was

Awhile back we brought you news about a new film entitled Paradise Lost that was going to tell the story of Lucifer’s decent to hell. The film was based on John Milton’s epic poem of the same name. We have some concept art for the film below. Read on for that and a little bit about what went wrong with the film.

The film was set for production about a year ago, but budget concerns overwhelmed the story about Lucifer’s descent into hell and transformation into the Satan. Alex Proyas(director)’ plan to create elaborate sets for Heaven, Hell, and the Garden of Eden had already reached a $100 million budget. As things normally go with budgets, they are never set in stone and Legendary pictures feared the film would ultimately cost too much to make.

Proyas is known for his dark and omminious tones for his films and this would have been a perfect fit for the story in our opinion. Also if you notice below, it looks as if Lucifer was considered to be a woman at some point in the film.

paradise lost concept

paradise lost concept 2


paradise concept 3

paradise concept 5

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