TV Review: The Walking Dead, Episodes 13 and 14

Things are starting to heat up between the Prison and Woodbury camps. Who will win the battle of the survivors. See my reviews below.

the-walking-dead-s3-posterFirst of all, due to traveling the past 2 weeks, I missed the last two episodes during their normal airing time. So not to clog up the main page, here’s a 2-for-1 review.


Two weekends ago, the Governor and Rick sat down and tried to negotiate terms of a draw (or surrender). The Governor, being his usual cunning and unhinged self, had an alternate plan in mind. Rick, being cautious and guarded agreed to the Governor’s terms with no intention of actually following through with them. Andrea, who wanted to moderate the negotiations was sent out by the Governor. However, Andrea becomes fully aware that the Governor is off his rocker and has a discussion with Hershel (who accompanied Rick along with Darryl) to the peace talk. The Governor, who was accompanied by his regular gang, asks for Michonne as a bargaining chip. He wants her because she’s the one who killed Penny, his daughter. Meantime, both camps were getting edgy knowing that there may be some kind of impending doom from the other camp. At the prison camp, the group tries to decide if they should stay their ground, or they should prep for battle. Glen, channeling his inner Rick by taking on the role as leader while Rick is off grounds, decides they will stay put and fight. In the end of the episode, we see Andrea make the decision to try and give the Governor one last chance and goes back to camp with him, probably secretly hoping she could change his mind about his retaliation.


Last weekend was a heart-pumping episode where Andrea fully realizes the Governor is an evil person who she cannot trust anymore. She witnesses first hand, along with Milton (the Governor’s right hand man). Milton, who still was on the fence about his feelings towards the Governor, ends up saving the Governor’s life when Andrea had an opening to end the Governor. Andrea then hops the fence and runs off to warn the Prison camp that the Governor, despite his agreement with Rick, is planning to attack. Milton, who tries to cover for Andrea, ends up giving her up to the Governor, and he jumps in his truck and goes to hunt her down. The Governor goes on a cat-and-mouse hunt with Andrea, which ends up in a Walker-ridden warehouse. This entire hunting Andrea scene was so heart-pumping you only hope she gets out alive. At the Woodbury camp, the Governor’s goons prepare to invade the prison by prepping captured walkers in a horse transport. However, Tyreese has his qualms about dropping a walker bomb on the prison gang. Over night, someone sneaks out of Woodbury and sets all the walkers on fire to prevent the walker bomb on the prison camp. When the Governor returns, claiming he couldn’t find Andrea, he hears about the burned walkers and discovers that it was Milton. The last scene we see is Andrea tied up and bound into a medical chair in the Governor’s “torture room.” Despite her throwing him to the Walkers, he survived and caught her just as she was getting to the prison.


There are only 2 episodes left this season. Will Andrea survive the Governor’s wrath? Will he attack? And who will be the last camp standing? Will Rick and his group survive and assimilate into Woodbury? All these questions will hopefully be answered in the next two episodes.




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