MVD Announces Release of THE DARK DEALER

Fan of indie horror films? Check out the press release about THE DARK DEALER coming to you soon.

MVD5747DFrom The Press Release:

MVD Visual and Whacked Movies are proud to announce the release of The Dark Dealer, a feature length horror anthology, starring Richard Hull ( She’s All That, American Psycho II), Rocky Patterson (The Nail Gun Massacre, Repligator), Charles Carrol (Disturbia, I Am Number Four) and directed by Tom Alexander.

The Dark Dealer is a quirky supernatural thriller about three hell-bound characters gambling with their lives and souls in a game of blackjack with the devil. This indie horror film is in the vein of Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt. Like other classic horror anthologies of the past, The Dark Dealer blends supernatural horror, action and sensuality into a sinister stew with an explosive climax.

The first story in this thriller, the creepy, satanic, “Cellar Space” won the Silver Scroll award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. In “Cellar Space,” a vicious killer invades the cellar apartment of a seemingly defenseless old hermit, but the hoodlum soon finds out that something more than human lives there. John McCarty wrote in Fangoria magazine that The Dark Dealer is “an ambitious low-budget effort that boasts a solid line-up of computer generated and ‘floor’ FX.”

This is the second release from Whacked Movies. It follows the cult film distributor’s inaugural release of Bret McCormick’s erotic sci-fi romp, Repligator.

Check out the trailer below.

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