Now you can watch WOULD YOU RATHER with commentary

Would You Rather is a film we have been bringing you news on for quite sometime. Now you can watch the film with commentary from the director! Pretty sick if we say so. Read on for the details.

would you ratherBelow you will find all the info and links to watch Would You Rather with the new commentary we mentioned.

From Press Release:

Ever wonder what was going on in the filmmaker’s heads when they created the heart-stopping horror thriller WOULD YOU RATHER? Now you can find out! Director David Guy Levy and Writer Steffen Schlachtenhaufen sit down and watch their film, out loud.

Check out and download the audio commentary on Soundcloud and get some insider insight as you watch the film starring Brittany Snow, Jeffrey Combs and Sasha Grey… for a second time. The film is currently available on iTunes and other digital outlets.

Let us know how it sounds fiends!


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