Check out the trailer for new horror anthology AMERICAN ECSTASY

A new horror anthology film, American Ecstasy, has popped up on our radar. We have the whole rundown for the film below. Dig it!

The film looks like one hell of a ride and we will have info about festival screenings soon. Now check out that synopsis and see if American Ecstasy is something that will…titillate you. The trailer was originally posted first by

american ecstasy 2Synopsis:

They come from the middle of nowhere. They flee fine families and broken homes in search of experience and dreams. They travel the same interstates and back roads as we do. Trigger the same bells entering 24-hour convenience stores. Veer off at the same rest stops headed for places like the Adirondacks, Woodstock, Myrtle Beach and Tampa. And then they vanish. In the wake they leave trails run cold, memories of fresh faces and promising smiles later recalled by strange passersby.

These young women are now heroines of the American Ecstasy, the new feature-length chiller from celebrated photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Leder. An anthology film exploring tales of resilient women snared in a single terrifying, hallucinatory nightmare, fates left gasping in the gloved hands of a mad everyman, this is the movie that will prove, once and for all, that the most monstrous of highway predators is America itself.

Starring Britany Nola (November 2012 Playboy Playmate), Amy Hood, Lindsay Roan, among other rising female actors.

You can stay up to date with the films progress via its Twitter here @americanecstasy.


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