Wes Craven Talks Scream 5 – It’s A No Go At This Stage

Finally, some good news.  Wes Craven himself has opened up about the Scream franchise and whether or not we’ll see a Scream 5.  Read on for the details.

Wes Craven shares his views on Scream 5, which is looking less likely that it’ll be made.

So far I have not heard anything about Scream 5 from Bob Weinstein,” franchise director Wes Craven tells AITH.

There is some talk about a television series, but I don’t think anything has moved forward on that yet. That’s what I’m hearing more than anything else from the guys at Dimension. It would be them picking up the phone and asking me if I wanted to play with them, so…

Small screen horror is all the rage at the moment with shows like The Walking Dead, and thus the idea of a Scream television series makes a lot of sense. Until that changes, don’t expect any major developments on Scream 5.

Truthfully, I didn’t enjoy Scream 4.  It was alright (better then part 3 at least) but I thought the magic had gone.  Clearly Craven feels the same way because he took to Twitter late last year asking whether or not fans really wanted to see a Scream 5.

So what do you think?  Do you want to see a Scream TV series, or would you prefer to have another sequel, maybe this time with Sidney snapping and being the killer?  Or do you think enough is enough and just to leave the franchise alone?

Source: AITH

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