Are YOU prepared for the GLOBAL ZOMBIE WALK coming in May?

Zombie Walks happen all over the world but this is the first coordinated and global Zombie Walk ever. Will you be among the walking dead? Read on for the info so you can below.

zombies aheadOn May 4th 2013, the zombie apocalypse begins with over 1,000 cities across the globe participating. Now’s your chance to stumble, crawl, and shamble your way around with some friends and NOT be called a drunk(bout time).

This is going to be a “pub crawl”. Not familiar with that term? Well were here to educate ya!

Pub crawl participants don zombie attire, pour on the fake blood, and devour drinks and snacks shuffling bar to bar. They walk like the living dead and party like there’s no tomorrow. A zombie walk in Los Angeles, New York, London, French Quarter, Florida, and many other areas of the globe are being infected by the walking dead on this special day fiends. The dead will TRULY be walking on that day.

Zombies can create their own costumes or stagger on into a costume store. Must haves: fake blood and gore, ripped or tattered clothes, and a strong desire to turn the night of the living dead into a rocking, fun night of the living dead. No more will zombies be confined to B movies and comic books. They’re coming – it’s a dead man’s party and there’s always room for one more

Saturday May 4th, 2013, join the massive hordes of the undead. Be part of the swarm of zombies to descend on local bars – and party through the night at the biggest gathering of the undead ever seen. Make sure to sign up for information on your city and the Zombie apocalypse Facebook page at Like the FB page for full updates of this once in a lifetime – or dead time – event. Join the night that may just mark the end of the world as you know it – and you’ll love it.

More info and locations for this round-the-globe event can be found at:


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