Truly Disturbing Video: 73 year old man eats ROADKILL, even if it’s mangled and run over

One man’s dead cat is another mans dinner extravaganza.  Yes we are serious here folks, a 73 year old UK man has started eating roadkill found near his home. Read on and watch the video below.

VICE followed him around his home county of Cornwall to document his filthy experiment in gastronomy (video below).

roadkill plate“I ate a badger once that someone else had picked up because they wanted its skull. It was blown up like a horse on the western front and it smelt rather horrible,” Boyt told VICE. “When I cut into it the flesh was green but nevertheless I persevered and stewed it. It made the house smell like the old fashioned mental hospitals used too, but boy it tasted delicious!”

Boyt started as a taxidermist and says he used to simply mount roadkill. Later he decided he should eat what he finds. His meals include ferrets, badgers, and rabbits, among others. Sure, he’s hit a few animals himself, but he “avoids killing anything” by his own hand (or car tire).


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