Music: RAMONES biopic in the works says Johnny Ramone’s widow

Hey Ho! Let’s Go, to the movies that is! A new story has come about that says that Johhny Ramone’s wife is spearheading a Ramones film. Read on for the details.

Linda Ramone has revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that she is currently in talks to turn the seminal punk band’s story into a film. “I have offers right now to do a Ramones movie,” she said.

Ramone doesn’t know at this stage what the basis for the film will be – whether it will be about the band’s rise to fame in the late 70’s or from the perspective of Joey Ramone, based on his 2012 biography Commando.

“It would be nice to do a Ramones movie. I will do one no matter what,” she said. “Maybe it will be just based more on Commando. I’m working on it right now. We’re in discussions, which is always a fun time.”

Asked who she would like to play her husband, Linda Ramone added: “Of course everybody would want Johnny Depp to play him, because he’s cool and looks good. He’s super nice to me and he used to always talk to Johnny if we’d go to the Viper Room. His band opened up for the Ramones years and years ago.”

However, if the film gets given the green-light to go ahead, Linda admits Depp is probably too old to play the role of Joey Ramone. “It has to be someone who’s young – they’d have to be in their twenties,” she conceded.

The Ramones were previously the subject for the acclaimed 2003 documentary End Of The Century.

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