Script for EVIL DEAD 2 already being worked on by Fede Alvarez

That was super quick! News has come our way from a few affiliates who were at the Evil Dead premier at SXSW tonight. Word is the script for part 2 of the new Evil Dead franchise is being worked on. Read on for the goods.

evil_dead_redDirector Fede Alvarez told the crowd this evening that they have begun writing Evil Dead 2.  Yes, a sequel to the remake is “officially” in the works.

This to me shows that Sony and the films producers (Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell) all are confident in the film- and they should be given the response the film received tonight in Austin, Texas.

So far, based on some of the  Twitter reactions, Evil Dead is a real “crowd pleaser.” We will have to wait and see it for ourselves.

The film opens in theaters April 5th.

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