FAMOUS MONSTERS unite to defend mankind in MONSTER X

Imagine all of your favorite monsters coming together to battle one foe. Now stop imagining cuz it’s for real! Monster X sounds like it came straight out of the 50’s and with the addition of the famous monsters, it’s on our “must see” list. Read on for the details behind the film  below.

universal monstersAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Ahmet Zappa sold the idea to Benderspink and co-wrote an early draft of the script.  Said script will go through some rewrites before going out to buyers. It has been called ” The Horror equivalent to The Avengers.”

Monster X stands for “Monster 10” as there are 10 monsters represented in all like Dracula, the Frankenstein monster, et al.

Remember though, the film is in early development so the film could not see the light of day for many years…hopefully, that won’t be the case.


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