James McAvoy says THE CROW rumors are “NOT for Real”

The Crow remake has had so many names attached to it, its looking like Taylor Swift. Now we have word from the latest rumored star, James McAvoy(X-Men: First Class) that it is all hype…for now. Read on for the details.

james-mcavoy-x-men-sequelGetty Images  in the UK caught up to the actor who address the latest Crow buzz.

“It’s not for real,” he told the site.  “I don’t think it’s materialized into anything truthful yet… it’s just been rumour mill stuff.”

There’s a chance he hasn’t been approached about it, or there’s a chance he has but the project is not in a place where he feels he’s ready to commit or there’s a chance the whole thing is bunk, but there you go. Looks like this bird has flown the coop for McAvoy.

Who will/can ever replace Brandon Lee? Only time will tell.


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