First look at Claustrophobic thriller IRON DOORS, gets a U.S. release date plus more!

Fans of tense, claustrophobic, single location thrillers like Cube, Saw and Buried are in for a real treat this month when Stephen Manuel’s multi award winning IRON DOORS is released on DVD and VOD in North America with a street day of March 5th 2013. Read on for the details.Iron Doors is a 2010 German 3D thriller directed by Stephen Manuel

iron doorsWe have the new trailer for the film as well plus a quick synopsis for you fiends.


Locked in a vault, a young investment banker faces a slow death from starvation. Who kidnapped him and why? How can he escape the concrete walls and massive iron door that confine him? His journey of self discovery has only just began and his fight for survival will teach him values he previously thought impossible.

The film has one a slew of awards in the film festival circuit and we hope to have a review for ya soon.

Now for that trailer we teased ya about.




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