TV Recap: The WALKING DEAD, Season 3, Episode 12

This week on The Walking Dead was surely a real turning point for Rick and his relationship with others. Check out my review below.

walking dead castLast week on the Walking Dead we saw how Andrea started to realize how she may have been deceived by The Governor, and Rick’s state of mind is obviously unraveling. Rick has started seeing visions of Lori in a white gown, and the group is trying to figure out how to handle Rick’s mental state. The Governor, seeing Andrea’s doubt in his truthfulness, starts to question her loyalties and assigns Milton to keep tabs on her. For more info on last week’s episode, click HERE.

This week we didn’t see what the Governor or Woodbury was up to. The main focus was on a critical turning point in Rick’s mental state. Rick takes Carl and Michonne on a run for supplies to the town Rick was sheriff of. Rick’s reasoning for bringing Michonne was to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t do any harm to the group at the Prison. While going to look for guns and ammunition, Rick runs into an old friend, MORGAN. Morgan, who you may remember his the one who saved Rick’s life in the first episode. Rick, however, meets a very unhinged Morgan. As he tries to snap Morgan back to reality, Rick realizes its very possible that if he doesn’t try and fix himself, he will become as unhinged as Morgan. We also go a small glimpse into Michonne’s real personality as she looks after Carl. Carl’s determination to preserve his mother’s memory for Judith is what keeps him surviving.

This episode was not too action-packed, and mainly focused on Rick, but it was very well written and of course, very well acted. There were some very poignant moments that left you teary eyed. It was an episode where it showed Rick realizing his future, insight into Michonne, and the slightest bit of childhood left in Carl.


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