2-Minute international trailer for NBC’s HANNIBAL shows some new footage

Earlier in the week we gave you a 30 second look at Hannibal which will be premiering on NBC soon. Now we have a international peek at the show. Check it out below.

The series looks at the early days of FBI agent Will Graham’s career and the time when he worked alongside Hannibal Lecter – naturally, before Graham realized Lecter was a cannibal.  It appears the series is taking a few creative liberties, picking up with Graham being drawn back into the FBI game, which is where we saw him in Red Dragon/Manhunter – but in that book/film, Lecter had already been capture and Will was mentally exhausted/scarred by his time in the field.

This is looking to be a more of a psychological thriller than gore fest but Dr. Lecter has been known to be a messy eater so who knows.

David Slade directs the first episode which premieres April 4th.

hannibal_poster large

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