TV Review: The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 11

Wondering what happened after the midseason return? check out my review of the latest episode of The Walking Dead below.

the-walking-dead-s3-posterLast week was the aftermath of the assault on Woodbury, and the beginning of the retaliation on the part of the Governor. We were pretty much left with a jaw-dropping last 10 minutes, which also saw the assassination of Axel. Honestly, I grew to like Axel’s character and am now angry we never got to hear the end of the story he was telling Carol. It was especially sad because it looked like Carol may have found a good friend, or possibly even more (finally!). However, that chance was shot to hell (sorry, bad joke). For more detailed info on my review of last week’s episode, click HERE.


This week, Rick’s group is recovering from a devastating loss and their realization of how vulnerable they really are, despite being behind heavy concrete walls. They also fully understand what kind of evil lurks in their back yard–and I don’t mean the walkers! The group is starting to realize that Rick may not be the best leader at the moment due to his unraveling psychological state, and Carl even asks him to step down. Meanwhile at Woodbury, Andrea hears the Governor’s version of the assault at the Prison (of course it’s the Governor’s version, not the actual version). She asks help from Milton (the Governor’s right hand man) for help to go beyond the walls, and goes to the Prison to ask Rick and the group for mercy. She quickly realizes that she has been lied to the ENTIRE time she has been at Woodbury, but yet returns to the Governor. The las thing we see is Andrea deciding between a piece of advice she got from Carol or her conscious (or maybe feelings for the Governor?)


This episode saw only a few zombie kills, but mostly focused on the mental state of both camps–the Prison and Woodbury. The leaders of both of the camps are at a boiling point of anger, revenge, and even exhaustion. The thing we don’t know yet (but assume) is if the Governor will continue his assault on the Prison? Will the people of Woodbury finally see through the person they have trusted with their lives? Will Andrea join forces with her original family and fight by Rick’s side? Will Tyreese return to the Prison as well?


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