Director Spotlight: An Exclusive Look into THE LOST TREE’s Brian A. Metcalf

Think you know all the horror directors? Think again. Check out this new up and coming director you’ll SURELY know well within the next few years.

brian_headshotRecently, we were able to sit down and chat with up and coming director, Brian A. Metcalf, about his upcoming horror drama, THE LOST TREE. The flick is still in production, however, the teaser trailer looks pretty unnerving. Since we don’t know much about Brian, here’s a bit about him.


Brian is a young director with an extremely unique vision. Don’t let his young age fool you–he has a pretty hefty resume working on big Hollywood films as creative director, visual effects artist and supervisor. He’s also worked for Sony Picture Entertainment with several projects. He was born in Ohio, yet went to school in New Jersey before going cross-country and landing in Los Angeles. Between his creative side, education, and his extraordinary work history, Brian is one director you do not want to miss. He has also formed a production company with acting veteran and accomplished musician Thomas Ian Nicholas. They plan to do several projects together, starting with THE LOST TREE. His first horror and full-length feature film was THE FADING CRIES which also starred Brad Dourif, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Mackenzie Rosman and Elaine Hendrix and was distributed by Lionsgate.


THE LOST TREE  is about a young man, Noah (Thomas Ian Nicholas) who moves into a new house to escape a recent traumatic experience and focus on mentally healing. However, Noah soon realizes that the area surrounding his new house may not be as beautiful and serene as it seems. The movie also stars Michael Madsen, Lacey Chabert, Scott Grimes, and Clare Kramer. Brian also wrote, directed, and produced THE LOST TREE. While we chatted, he mentioned that while filming THE LOST TREE, the fact that there was no cell phone reception or internet service added to the creep factor of the house and area, but they still had a great time filming. They even stayed their during the shoot!


Brian is a huge fan of horror and even said that he’s seen so many, he can’t even name one that scares him anymore.  However, he agrees that the best part is the adrenaline rush you get during horror films. (He’s our kind of guy!) He’s a huge fan of Let the Right One In, Zach Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead, the Evil Dead films, The Exorcist, and Carrie.


Again, Brian may be a young director but don’t count him out. With a lot of experience under his belt and an extremely promising future, we will be seeing a lot more of him and his work in the near future.


We will also be chatting with Brian and Thomas Ian Nicholas in March during one of our DISTURBING TALKS podcast episodes. Stay tuned for a killer talk with them! In the mean time, check out the teaser trailer of THE LOST TREE below.



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