Review: SUSHI GIRL (2013)

What happens when you put a group of criminals in a room when they’ve been wronged? Check out my review of SUSHI GIRL below.

sushi girlSUSHI GIRL (2013)

DIRECTOR: Kern Saxton

STARS: Tony Todd, James Duval, Andy Mackenzie, Mark Hamill, Cortney Palm



SUSHI GIRL is a new film that follows the night Fish (Noah Hathaway) is released from his 6 year stint in prison for getting caught after he and his jewel thief friends pulled off a massive diamond heist. Fish is brought to a celebratory dinner hosted by Duke (Tony Todd) with other fellow heist members, cokehead Francis (James Duval), heavy-hitter Max (Andy Mackenzie), and eccentric Crow (Mark Hamill). The night starts off with a sushi dinner, served on a seemingly comatose naked girl (Cortney Palm). As the night progresses, Fish realizes that his welcome home dinner may be his last as they revisit the last time they were all together.


The movie only takes place in 2 separate times: the night of the diamond heist and the night of Fish’s release. Despite that we get a look into only 2 nights, we get a very deep look into their character. In addition, the lack of further insight into the characters is more terrifying than what we do see. The acting is pretty darn good too–with Mark Hamill’s character being the most mysterious and unnerving. As for the gore, there’s no shortage of torture gore in this flick. Its very dark, with the only hint of innocence being the girl who lays still with sushi carefully placed all over her body.


This movie isn’t what it seems for most of the movie. It has a fantastic twist ending that keeps your jaw dropped after its over. It hits you hard, raw, and gorey. Its also a FANTASTIC role for Mark Hamill–I wish I could have seen more of his character and got to know more about him. The bottom line with this movie is there’s more to the cover of the story–once you turn that page and see deeper into whats going on, you’ll see how twisted this story really is.


If you like twisted, dark movies, this is the movie for you. At 98 minutes long, it leaves you wanting more. Especially with the twist ending. A MUST SEE!



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