Video Games: 3 MAJOR reasons why ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES screws up ALIEN lore

According to Gearbox(developer of Aliens: Colonial Marines) the game is a direct sequel to the Aliens film directed by James Cameron. We take a look at the game and reveal just what they got wrong and how it adversely affects the Alien universe.

As stated earlier the game takes place after the 1986 film Aliens, this would also mean that the events that happen in Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection would be affected by this game.

Aliens: Colonial Marines’ storyline features some lore-breaking elements that directly contradict major events from the films and makes me wonder if Fox and Gearbox (who by the way are in trouble for lying about developmental details on the game) even understand what “canon” means.

Note: We’re about to delve into MAJOR SPOILERS so stay frosty people.

1: Hicks Lives… Somehow
Corporal Dwayne Hicks, is alive. If you haven’t played yet and seen for yourself, you’ve likely seen him in the preview trailers and reasoned, “Well, this is obviously just a recording of Hicks created after the events of Aliens and before Hicks’ unceremonious off-screen death at the beginning of Alien 3.” That’s true, as far as the recording goes, but Hicks — voiced by actor Michael Biehn and all — is actually physically present in Colonial Marines — living, breathing, and fighting alongside you. WHAAA? That’s exactly what we said.

We’re told at the start of Alien 3 that Hicks was aboard an escape pod jettisoned from the starship Sulaco, along with Ripley and Newt. The pod crashed into penal colony planet Fiorina, with Ripley the only survivor (FOX literally washed their hands of these characters).
According to Gearbox’s new and “official” Alien lore, though, Hicks was never aboard that escape pod. DUN DUN DUNNN! Fooled you! In Aliens: Colonial Marines, we learn that the Sulaco was seized by the omnipresent Weyland Yutani Corporation before the ship could make its way back to Earth. Hicks was pulled from cryo sleep somewhere near Fiorina, at which point he started a gun battle and caused an electrical fire (previously believed to have been started by an alien facehugger) that led to the escape pod ejection of Ripley and Newt. Then Hicks was taken back to LV-426, along with the Sulaco, and held prisoner while Weyland Yutani got down to the business of trying to capture, study, and breed Xenos. So who was the dead body cremated in Alien 3, the one everyone was told was Hicks? No clue. Gearbox has thus far avoided trying to explain that one.

2. Hadley’s Hope is Still in One Piece
Equally perplexing is the fact Colonial Marines takes place on LV-426, and we are able to return to the planetoid and explore many of its familiar places, including Hadley’s Hope and the derelict alien spaceship that kicked off the chest-bursting terror phenom in the original Alien. I actually geeked out at seeing the command center, medical bay and, other familiar corridors in Hadley’s Hope. Still, seeing all of these sites made me question how the hell any of it wasn’t completely obliterated by Aliens’ thermonuclear conclusion.

Here’s what we THINK we know: when the nuclear-powered atmosphere processing plant on LV-426 went BOOM BOOM, it was, according to milk-filled android Bishop, comparable to a “40-megaton nuclear blast,” with a radius of roughly 18 miles.That is like a nutron bomb going off people, we’re talking huge! Plus you see a ginormous mushroom cloud take over half of LV-426 as the survivors escape the blast.

So the seemingly world-ending nuclear explosion Ripley and crew were so desperate to escape wasn’t so bad afterall, Gearbox…you there? The game makes it seem like Ripley and co could have easily hid under a school desk and chilled waiting for the blast to pass them by like a wave of water. Yeah…that’s real believable.

3. Xenos are Everywhere

Aliens: Colonial Marines takes place 17 weeks after Aliens. During that time, Weyland-Yutani Corp. has been very, very busy. It’s managed to find and capture the Sulaco in the vicinity of Fiorina (which, according to Alien lore is roughly 19 lightyears from Earth), return to LV-426 (39 lightyears from Earth), construct an enormous new research facility, staff it, find, capture or somehow breed another alien queen, and have her start cranking out eggs. The facehuggers that popped from those eggs were then allowed to have their way with some unfortunate, hastily gathered test humans, after which the baby Xenos chestburst to freedom, grew to maturity, were held in captivity, and studied. Did we mention all of this was done in about 40 days? Yeah…not possible.aliens-movie-images16_1361385471

Looking ahead at Alien 3, more questions are raised. Weyland-Yutani is so desperate to get a hold of the lone Xeno on Fiorina (and Ripley) that they dispatch Michael Bishop Weyland himself, not to mention a squad of soldiers, to retrieve them. Aliens: Colonial Marines makes me ask, “Why?” According to Gearbox, LV-426 is overflowing with the drooling aliens, and they were still running rampant when I took off. In fact, based on Colonial Marines, it’s now safe to call LV-426 the thriving Xeno home world. Why go to so much trouble to grab just one on Fiorina? There is a whole damn planet, just go a harvesting.

Then, in Alien Resurrection, which is set some 200 years later, it seems the only possible way to find a Xeno anywhere in the galaxy is to clone Ripley,( see the retarded writing we speak of?) extract alien queen larvae inside of her, and go from there. An odd choice when Aliens: Colonial Marines makes it seem like Xenos are plentiful.

These are our reasons and we are sticking to them. Do they make sense to you? Comment below and let us know if Aliens: Colonial Marines should be put on the shelf under “nice try but not quite.”


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