Video: The 5 most HAUNTED Cemeteries in America

During our daily search for all things Disturbing, we stumbled across this gem of a video. Watch below to learn about the 5 Most Haunted Cemeteries in America.

The cemeteries are all over the continental United States and we must admit we have visited a few over the years. Watch the video and leave your comments if you too have visited these haunted places.

scary-graveyard-3Number 5Gettysburg Cemetery. It is a resting place for many soldiers who lost their lives in the battle of Gettysburg. Reportedly, ghosts in Confederate and Union uniforms can be seen in the cemetery. According to a CNN report, a man wearing a Confederate army hat is frequently seen here. It is said that he tries to chat with the tourists or pose for photos. Those who have had their picture taken with him claim he disappears in print.

Number 4Resurrection Catholic Cemetery in Chicago. Once in the cemetery you may encounter the ghost of “Mary”, a young lady who died during the 1930s in a car accident near the cemetery. Travel channel reports that her ghost has also been spotted outside the cemetery where she asks for a ride but then vanishes mysteriously.

Number 3St. Louis cemetery number 1 in New Orleans. According to CNN, visitors have reported sightings of civil war ghosts and phantom figures in the cemetery. It is said that of all the ghosts seen here, the one of Marie Laveau, a renowned voodoo practitioner back in the 19th century is the most sighted.

Number 2Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California. Founded in 1899, the cemetery is a resting place for many Hollywood legends such as Rudolph Valentino, Johnny Ramone, and Douglas Fairbanks. It is said that this famous cemetery is a site for many paranormal activities. Ghosts of Rudolph Valentino, Virginia Rappe, Clifton Webb, and a woman called the ‘black lady’ are often seen on the cemetery grounds.

Number 1Salem Cemetery in Hendrysberg, Ohio. It is said that many ghosts haunt this graveyard. Supposedly, the ghost of Louiza Fox, the first citizen to be murdered in the Kirkwood Township, is often seen weeping near her grave.

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