SATURN Awards Nominations announced, HORROR/THRILLER category has us scratching our heads

The nominees for the 39th annual Saturn Awards were announced last night and we have to say, in the horror/thriller category, we are a bit baffled. Read on to see what we mean.

Saturn_AwardArgo, The Cabin in The Woods, The Impossible, Seven Psychopaths, The Woman In Black and Zero Dark Thirty all received noms.

Wait, did you catch that? Argo and Zero Dark Thirty? Sure they are thrillers but not in the same vein or even same BODY as the other nominees.

The Saturn Awards were started to give attention to films that don’t usually get praise at the Oscars. So why Argo and Zero Dark Thirty(both are assumed to clean up at the Oscars). This has to be a ploy by the Saturn Awards organizers to get some of the talent related to said films, to attend this years festivities. Business is business we suppose.

Sadly with these noms, other horror films most likely were snubbed.


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