TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD Season 3, Episode 10

HOLY ZOMBIES BATMAN!!!! The Walking Dead ends tonight’s episode with a BANG! Check out my review below.

the-walking-dead-s3-posterLast week we saw the conclusion of the raid on Woodbury by Rick’s gang. We also saw that Darryl had to make the choice between Merle and his extended family in the Prison, and decided to try and survive with his brother. Rick decides to bring Michonne back to the Prison, but is quick to point out that once she is healed and better, she’s out on her own. Tyreese and his gang are taking temporary refuge in the prison, and try to appeal to Hershel’s good nature to make their temporary stay into a more permanent stay. However, two of the group members feel they could take the prison, as opposed to joining the group. For more info on what happened last week, here’s my review last week.


This week, the group was focusing on regrouping, assessing their strengths and weaknesses after their return from Woodbury. Rick’s mental state is on the brink of the deep end, seeing visions of Lori wherever he looks. Maggie’s dealing with recovering from her traumatic encounter in Woodbury. While she deals with her emotions, Glenn takes control of the state of the Prison, and tries to make sure the prison is secure. As the group prep’s for the Governor’s impending retaliation assault on the Prison, we see how Darryl and Merle are handling their survival. Almost at the get-go, Darryl and Merle are at each other’s throats while they search for food and shelter. They stumble upon a group that fights a herd of walkers, which shows Merle how close Darryl is with groups. Ultimately, it comes down to Darryl deciding which is better for him: his brother or survival. At Woodbury, Andrea starts to realize maybe the Governor is not what she thought he was, and tries to help control the unsettled air of its residents. However, she starts to realize that maybe Woodbury isn’t the right place for her and she cannot trust anyone she thought she could. The last 10 minutes, however, were the most heart-pumping, jaw-dropping 10 minutes so far. Without giving tons of spoilers, a divided and weakened group at the Prison is tested with brute force. With walker deaths, a close call, and actual death the group is left questioning the safety of the Prison.


My questions for this week: Is Tyreese and his group definitely gone? Will we see him again? Can Merle be trusted and has he redeemed himself? Based on this episode, what will the Governor do next? Has Rick officially gone BAT-SH*T crazy?! Who will be the next leader of the group if he’s outed?


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