EVENT REVIEW: Toy Fair 2013

TrulyDisturbing was given the chance to check out NYC’s Toy Fair 2013. Check out our detailed review of the next up and coming toys.

This past week we got an AMAZING opportunity to attend the industry-only Toy Fair in New York City’s Jacob Javits Center. The convention, which showcases all the new toys and prototypes for 2013, ranges from children’s toys to adult action figures and covers all types of brands—both name brand and up and coming brands.


The first company I took a look at was Pop! Which produces the mini vinyl figurines that come in almost every pop culture variety—every thing from music figures to current cultural references. The ones that I was mostly interested was the newer Walking Dead figures.




These are some of the new Walking Dead POP! Bobbleheads.



The next booth I was very excited to see was an EXCLUSIVE look into MACFARLANE’S newest THE WALKING DEAD prototypes and later to be released figures. The most exciting part of the MacFarlane Walking Dead figures was the prototype of Season 3’s DVD collector’s edition. The prototype was modeled after one of the most iconic scenes of Season 3 so far, when we discovered that the Governor had a fish tank wall of severed walker heads. The DVD case, which also lights up, comes without water in the tanks but can be added after. The DVD case is an amazing collector’s item that epitomizes the central theme of Season 3. Here’s the exclusive look below:



On the left is the Season 3 Prototype for the DVD Collector’s Edition Case. It will light up, and retails around $70


On the right is the Collector’s Edition from Season 2.


Also from Macfarlane Toys is the newest line of their action figures, which features Michonne and her walker slaves, Merle, and Carl. The Michonne/Walker action figures are slated to come out in March 2013, and the Carl action figure is slated to be released in September 2013.





On the left is the Carl statue, which comes out in September.


On the right is the Merle/Walker/Michonne Statues due out in March.




Next up on my tour was DC Entertainment’s booth, that showcased a lot of new products, but the one line of products that really grabbed my attention was their new GHOSTBUSTERS line. They had a small line that will be released soon that includes a SLIME, GOZER, and STAY PUFT. These light-up statues are currently available and the smaller sized statues retail around $70.  Check out the line below.






Next up on my tour I got to take a look at PLAYHUT’S new line of “horror dolls.” TRULYDISTURBING got an EXCLUSIVE look into their venture into an older market, going along the lines of other market competitions. Their new line includes a doll called MYSTIXX VAMPIRES, which beautiful dolls that allow their target audience (preteen girls) to change their outfits, accessorize, and include a double-sided face. This double sided face is unique in the sense that it includes both sides of a vampire girl: her glamorous side, and her vampire side—all you need to do is turn her head around. They also had a new GRIMM TALES line, which features beautiful artwork, and a new line called THE MYSFITS to target an even younger audience. The horror factor is limited, but puts a “cute” spin on the horror toy for younger horror fans. We’d also like to thank PLAYHUT for giving us a MYSTIXX VAMPIRE for our collection!!








On the left is their new GRIMM dolls.

In the middle is a one of their Mysfits line.

On the right is the collection of their Mystixx Vampire line.


Along similar lines, we were able to get another EXCLUSIVE look into WowWee’s new line of fairy tale zombie dolls, ONCE UPON A ZOMBIE. These gorgeous zombie dolls are intended for collection and display. The ONCE UPON A ZOMBIE line includes zombie twists on fairy tale women, and the amount of artwork and effort is clearly shown in the final product, which you can see below.









On the left is a closeup of the Fairy tale Zombies

On the right is the entire collection, coming soon.



Going away from the teenage doll market, we will now venture into a third EXCLUSIVE look into a merge between history and horror as I describe PRESIDENTIAL MONSTERS to you. PRESIDENTIAL MONSTERS is a new product that was featured on this season of COMIC BOOK MEN on AMC. Creator Mark Huckabone has managed to bring the two together seamlessly in a form of a collect and display figure, which puts a horror twist on a historical figure. Take Hilary Clinton for example, which is seen below. Mark has created HILVIRA, an Elvira-inspired doll of Hilary. Others include Martian Van Buren, Lincolnstein, Baracula, Zom-Bush, and Wolf-Bill. These fantastic figures may just be the new thing in collectibles. Check out the pictures below.









On the right is their ZOM-BUSH.




My next spotlight is on Mezco Toys, which is based out of New York City. They have recently announced a new line of MARS ATTACKS! action figures, LIVING DEAD DOLLS (to be released in July 2013), and LIVING DEAD DOLL FIGURINES (to be released in Sept 2013). I also got a sneak peak into the UNIVERSAL MONSTER Mummy to be released in October of 2013. Check out the photos below of the new Mezco action figures and dolls.









On the left is the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS Mummy coming out in October.

In the Middle is the new MARS ATTACKS! figures.

On the right are the new Living Dead Figurines, out in September.


Finally, we bring you a sneak peek at the new CARRIE action figures brought to you buy NECA TOYS. Originally, the figures were supposed to be released in the next month or two, but since the movie has been pushed back to October, so as the figures. The date, as of now, has not been released, but it will coincide with the release of the movie. Here are the photos below.














The ToyFair was a great opportunity to view all the horror toys, action figures, and statues that will be coming out in the next year. Its an amazing experience, and we are looking forward to bringing you another review of the ToyFair in 2014!!!!!

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