TV Review – FACE OFF – “Two Heads Are Better Than One”

Hello friendos!  Sorry it’s been a while.  Let’s jump right into one of my favorite shows on Syfy right now.  We’ll go over last week’s “Eye Candy” episode and then jump into this weeks!

In “Eye Candy” the Foundation Challenge involved using pretty gals and turning them into bearded ladies.  The artist that won took the simple approach and it worked.  Sometimes less really is more.  As the artists head back to the studio McKenzie Westmore is waiting and the place has been Wonkafied!  Their Spotlight Challenge requires them to incorporate real candy into their creatures.  McKenzie brings in her dad, special effects maven Michael Westmore, the new mentor to check on the artists’ work.  I think he is a welcome change from Glenn Hetrick, who is still a judge on the show with Ve Neill and Neville Page.

The most nerve-wracking part of the show, for me anyway, is when they are taking their pieces out of the molds.  One lady has a pretty hard time.  I don’t know if she has carpal tunnel syndrome or what but she keeps losing feeling in her wrists.  I was surprised no one went to help her because this is usually one reality show where people don’t mind helping each other out.  For shame!  As the models shuffle in I feel especially bad for the guy that has to put on a huge blob man that is covered in melted gummi bears.  I hope they get paid well for having to sit in those chairs, or melted to the floor in one case, and being poked and prodded for hours.

Time for judging!  Our guest judge, who has worked with Katy Perry as a creative director, is named…Will Cotton!  How ironic!  One of the creatures had a gruesome stomach, with candy corn teeth no less, that moved thanks to the fact that the model was a belly dancer.  My pick didn’t win, but I wasn’t too disappointed.  A candy warrior demon won who had candy corn horns and licorice to make muscle texture.


"Get in my belly!"

“Get in my belly!”

Now on to tonight’s shenanigans in “Two Heads are Better Than One.”    There was no Foundation Challenge tonight so everyone is on the chopping block.  This episode is what I like to call the shameless plug.  This one coincides with the release of JACK THE GIANT SLAYER and director, and fan boy fave, Bryan Singer is the guest judge.  Not only do they have to work in teams, which everyone generally despises, they have to create a giant with at least TWO heads!  Only a few teams went with the two head game plan.  They used new models, all male and over 6’3”, my kind of models!  Back to business my favorite giant involved the model standing between two giants that were 10 feet tall.  This time I did pick the winners and you can check their finished product below.


Now keep in mind the model in the middle is over six feet tall!

Now keep in mind the model in the middle is over six feet tall!


Now that we’re caught up I’ll be reviewing the new episodes every week.  You can catch FACE OFF on Syfy Tuesday nights at 9/8c.  Let me know what you thought of the show and the addition of Michael Westmore as the new mentor.  Thanks for reading friendos!

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