TRULY DISTURBING (and some funny) Valentine’s Day photos

Love can make ya do some pretty stupid things. We have the proof of just how Disturbing it can be when a couple get in front of the camera on Valentine’s Day. Read on for the photos.

The old saying goes that ‘Love is Blind,’ but as this collection of extremely awkward Valentine’s photos show, at least there appears to be someone for everyone.

The photographs have been compiled by the blog Awkward Family Photos which was started by childhood friends Mike Bender and Doug Chernack after they discovered a strange picture hanging in Mike’s family’s house.

Maybe they both love Phantom?
hand stand
Disturbing doesn’t even come close.
bagsWell, at least to ugly people found each other…
banana sharing
Oh we get it, Lady and The Tramp right?
chest hair
Yes ladies, he’s single.
fell out of love
I have heard of cutting someone out of a picture but this?
cemetary love
Awww, wait. Is that a Tombstone? Awww!
On this Valentine’s Day fiends, show the one you care how much they mean to you by making them take ridicules photos. It’s the American way!

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