TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead

ITS BACK KIDS! Our favorite group of survivors is officially back and ready to slay some more zombies and defend the Prison. Check it my recap below.

walking dead rickSo before we left for a 2-month vacation, THE WALKING DEAD left us with Darryl and Merle being forced to fight to the death at the hands of the bloodthirsty residents of Woodbury at the lead of the very pissed off Governor. Rick and the group had saved Maggie and Glenn from the inhumane interrogation, with Darryl falling into the clutches of the Governor’s goons. We also saw the addition of Tyreese with his group of 3 other survivors. This is, of course, a shortened summary. For the more in depth review, check it out HERE.


Now that our weekly dose of zombies, guts, and gore are back, we can finally see how Rick and the group will defend the prison and their survival from the Governor’s wrath. Darryl and Merle reunite in the most unusual way (via massive zombie/Woodbury mob beatdown) and with the help of Rick and Maggie, the mass mob dissipated, and Merle led the group out a back wall into safety. Meanwhile at the prison, new additions Tyreese and his small group of survivors try to reason with Hershel to join the group, but Hershel’s insistence that he cannot make that decision alone makes half of the group think they could take control of the prison. While Rick, Maggie, Glen, Darryl were led to Woodbury by Michonne, Tyreese’s group remained locked up and two out of the 4 wanted to take control from Hershel, Carol, Carl, and Lew. When out of the Governor’s direct harm, Rick regroups and in a tough decision, Darryl sides with Merle and they decide to make it on their own, leaving Rick severely short on much needed muscle. As they return back to the Prison, Rick tries to weigh a decision with Tyreese’s willingness to help around the prison and join their ranks (despite the other two have their qualms about joining the group). Rick also seems to be seeing ghosts of Lori in the dark shadows of the Prison. Back at Woodbury, chaos runs through the streets after the mob fight headlining Darryl and Merle. The residents of Woodbury get scared by the lack of leadership and control the Governor had, and they try to jump ship. Suddenly, walkers enter through the busted wall that Merle used to break free earlier. In a rash move, the Governor takes care of a bit resident by his own hand, shocking the town of his cold and insensitive manner. Could the Governor’s true color be showing to those who were once enamored by his charming perosnality? Andrea, is definitely put off by his newly seen behavior, but takes on the role of crowd control in an effort to keep things as calm as possible and in an effort to keep things in survival mode.


So the questions we can pose for the rest of the season are these: Will Michonne join Rick’s group to make up for Darryl’s absence? Will Darryl see clearly and come back to the group? Will Rick let Tyreese join the group and will Tyreese’s unhappy members try to take over? What will the Governor do to retaliate for the assault on Woodbury? And a bonus question that Kevin Smith raised in TALKING DEAD. We never OFFICIALLY saw a body for Lori, so is she REALLY dead? I’m sure these questions will be answered in the episodes leading up the season finale.

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