INTERVIEW: Patrick Muldoon and Christa Campbell from SPIDERS

We got an amazing opportunity to ask two of the cast members of SPIDERS 3D some questions about the film. Check it out below.

spiders-3dWe’ve been covering a lot about SPIDERS over the past few months. Finally its here, we’ve reviewed it, and now we have another cool feature for you about the film. In preparation for the release of SPIDERS last week, we got an opportunity to ask Patrick Muldoon and Christa Campbell a few questions about SPIDERS 3D. Check out the pretty awesome interview with the stars below.


TD: Why do a film called SPIDERS? What intrigued you to it?

PATRICK MULDOON (PM): I had worked with Tibor before and know that he is a great director and the script and the character seemed like fun to do. I love the sci fi genre and have done a couple of other movies with giant SPIDERS (Starship Troopers, Ice Spiders) and thought “why not?”

CHRISTA CAMPBELL (CC): I love these types of throwback monster spider movies and I think audiences seem to love them too. And I loved the script, the location, my character Rachel and of course I loved the opportunity of working with Tibor again. But above all else, I just love making movies.

TD: How long was filming and was it an easy or difficult shoot for you?

PM: I think it was a 35 day shoot. We did it in Bulgaria. We shot at the New Boyana Studio which is a massive studio so it had everything we needed to make a great movie. It’s never easy bringing something on page to life but it definitely was a good experience. Working with Tibor and Christa was a lot of fun too.

CC: Our shoot was about 5 weeks and it wasn’t too bad at all. I’ve worked on easy and difficult films. The difficult parts are the parts that really you remember and laugh about later. I’m just happy to be working; filming nights until 5 or 6 AM is fun to me.


TD: Are you afraid of spiders?

PM: No I’m not afraid of Spiders, at least in the phobic sense. I try not to kill spiders when they are in the house. I’m the type that traps them and puts them outside if I can. But if I can’t and they are the type that can bite – they get the shoe.

CC: Hell yes! Spiders are nasty. End of story. Thankfully I only had to deal with CGI ones for this movie.


TD: What kind of physical preparations did you have to make prior to filming?

PM: I put on a New York accent and grew a van dyke. Always before a shoot I get to my fighting weight so I don’t look like slug up there.

CC: Physical? None really because I work out every day and try to be in “fighting shape” all the time. But mentally I had to prepare the script and then go over the scenes with my coach; he’s great at giving me ideas on how to play the scenes so we work out the kinks together. And once I get on set, I just have to let that all go and listen to the director.


TD: What horror films would you say scare you?

PM: When I was a kid a saw the OMEN. That one really got to me. I don’t think it’s healthy for children to watch movies about other children who find out that they are Lucifer incarnate. I remember checking my skull after to make sure there wasn’t a 666 on it. I think I did that for a couple years after I saw that movie actually. Thankfully I never found anything : )

CC: I would say the horror movies that scare me are the ones that sit with you for days -the ones that make you afraid to be home alone or just walk into your closet. Blood and gory kills really don’t scare me- it’s the mental stuff that really gets under my skin.


Much thanks to Patrick and Christa for giving us this opportunity!!

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