Two clips arrive for THE WALKING DEAD Season 3, Episode 10

Last night was well, epic! Why? The Walking Dead returned, that’s why! Now we have two new clips for the next episode. Check them out below.

twdposter200Next week’s episode, titled “Home” will be a grand one at that.

The episode is described as follows:

The group is preparing their next step. Rick goes in search of his lost friend and meanwhile, Daryl and Merle are wondering if they themselves made the right decisions. The Governor of Woodbury tries to restore order in the town and is planning to punish the people responsible for the chaos.

Last night on The Walking Dead was a sight to see. The show returned in grand form and we will have a full episode recap for you soon. Now watch the videos already you zombie fiend!


Oh and we have a new promo too. We like to surprise ya once in awhile.

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