Interview Part 1: Peter Gerner and Brian Spears of G&S FX

Have you ever watched a horror film and ever wondered “How did they do those makeup FX???” Well, I went under the knife (sorta) to show you!

red logo 1st phaseTrulyDisturbing got a unique opportunity to go visit the studios of G&S FX, which is known for their killer makeup FX and handmade horror props. Peter Gerner and Brian Spears are the owners of G&S FX (Gerner & Spears) and they made me into a zombie and then sat down for one of the most amazing interviews I have done.

Peter and Brian are massive horror fans. They live and breathe horror (and Star Wars). They are also extremely talented. First, I’m going to show you the process I went through to go from myself to a living, breathing zombie.

When I got to their studio in upper Westchester, NY I sure I was at the right place. The house (the basement is their studio) is covered in horror props, and the mailbox has “blood splatter.” As I entered the house, I was surrounded by HORROR. From severed prop heads, prop body parts, a grandmother prop (an homage to Psycho’s MOTHER) sitting in an armchair, countless memoriabillia, framed horror movie posters, and endless horror movies. Once in the basement, every inch of their studio is covered in some kind of prop, tool, or material used to make the FX.

First I was fitted for some gnarly zombie teeth. Since I apparently have a “wide-set jaw” this took a few tries, but we found something that fit. Here’s a small photo reel of the process:





Teeth fitting before we started gluing my makeup on.



Photo by: Melissa Segal of Melissa Segal Photography







Peter and Brian adding a swollen eye makeup prosthetic and some prosthetic gashes.





Photo by: Melissa Segal of Melissa Segal Photography





With some makeup, blood, and “dirt”





Photo by: Melissa Segal of Melissa Segal Photography






And the final look!






Photo by: Melissa Segal of Melissa Segal Photography



Peter and Brian informed me that this process normally could take anywhere from 3 hours to upwards of 5-6 hours depending on the amount of makeup FX. To remove all the makeup, its fairly simple. All that was needed was a special makeup FX glue remover to take of the prosthetics, and then just normal warm water and soap to remove the paint and fake blood. Zombies are one of the many things that G&S Makeup FX can do for horror films. For more info on what they have done, or how to contact them for a project, visit their website:



Stay tuned for my 2nd part of the interview with Brian and Peter, which they talk about the history and future of G&S Effects, their two cents on the future of FX makeup in horror, and even a bit about the future of Star Wars.


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