Review: SPIDERS 3D (2013)

Giant spiders take over Lower Manhattan in this new creature feature from Tibor Takacs. Check out my review below.

spiders-3dSPIDERS 3D

DIRECTOR: Tibor Takacs

CAST: Christa Campbell, Patrick Muldoon, Sydney Sweeney, Pete Lee-Wilson



I’m not one to watch creature features, as I prefer slasher movies. However, I was surprised when I watched SPIDERS 3D.



When space station space junk lands in an abandoned subway tunnel in Lower Manhattan, genetically altered baby spiders take refuge in the subway tunnels and mutate to become large, human-eating spiders that reek havoc on Manhattan. Once the spiders land in the subway tunnels, MTA official Jason (Patrick Muldoon) and his health department estranged wife Rachel (Christa Campbell) goes on a mission to figure out what is going on with the spiders and the trail of bodies they leave behind. As the spiders begin to grow at an alarming rate, the original scientist Dr. Darnoff (Pete Lee-Wilson) is brought in to work with military personnel to keep the spiders and the bodies from getting out of control. Rachel and Jason race against the clock (and growing spider population) to save themselves and their teenage daughter Emily (Sydney Sweeney). Will the spiders take over Manhattan?


As a creature feature, its pretty good. At times the CGI can look a little unrealistic, but its not something we haven’t seen in every other movie using CGI. What made me fear the most is that in NYC we have a growing population of super-large rodents, and this made me think what if our subway rodents took over the city. Gross! (And scary!) The acting by the principle actors, as well as the many supporting actors (especially the military and MTA personnel).


If you are afraid of spiders or get unnerved by them (as I am…) then this MAY not be a movie for you since they crawl all over the movie. However, if you can deal with it just being on the screen temporarily, then take a look at this film. It’s a good flick to watch if your in the mood for something a bit different. Like I said, I’m more into slasher films but this was a nice change of pace for a night.


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