David Morrisey talks even more about THE WALKING DEAD Season 3.5

The Walking Dead returns on February 10th and David Morrisey (The Governor) sat down and chatted about what we could expect in the final segment of season 3.5. Read on for the details.

Speaking to SFX Magazine, Morrissey shared the following bit on the second half of the third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

“What I’ve liked about the season so far is that it’s full of surprises,” Morrissey teased to SFX. “Obviously the stars might be aligned for Rick and the Governor to have some sort of meeting, but maybe the show will shoot that in a very surprising way. I think it’s not going to give you what you want in the way that you want it, and I think that’s what I’ve enjoyed in the second half of the season.”

“As an audience you can see that no one’s safe and there are surprises within that. What’s great about The Walking Dead is that it’s not frightened of killing off its leading actors”, Morrissey went on to say.

The actor has also stated that he hasn’t practiced the zombie shuffle yet interestingly enough. The show is definitely unafraid to stray from the source material and we’ll have to wait and see how long The Governor manages to stick around. Originally, showrunner Glen Mazzara stated that The Governor was planned to be a long-time antagonist for Rick but who knows if that has changed with his departure.

There will be more from Morrissey in the latest issue of SFX out February 6th. The Walking Dead returns February 10th to AMC at 9PM EST/PST time. On that day AMC will also be airing a marathon of the previous Season 3 episodes.

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