EVIL DEAD givin predictable NC-17 rating by MPAA

The Evil Dead remake was just rated by the MPAA. Looks like it got what we assumed it should get. This is fate folks…fate.

mpaa_real_meaningBy my meaning of fate it is in refrence to the original EVIL DEAD.

Fede Alvarez, director of the forthcoming Evil Dead remake, says his cut of the film landed an NC-17 rating from the MPAA.  What’s the plan now?  He explains to a Twitter follower.

“Was proud of scoring a NC17 when submitted! But we had to cut stuff out to get an R and get the film into theaters,” he told fans via his Twitter account.  Of course, he had to make cuts to get an “R.”  That’s inevitable.  Evil Dead is, after all, a studio picture.

So look for some crazy shit in the Blu-Ray and DVD then right? Expect the PR for the film to use this to their advantage.

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