Scottish horror fans behold: Film4 Frightfest Glasgow!

This years Film4 Frightfest Glasgow is part of the Glasgow Film Festival and as such takes place over Friday 22 and Saturday 23rd of Feb . This is the 8th straight year that Film4 Frightfest has been part of the overall festival and with a stellar line up like this it’s not hard to see why.

This years guest of honor is the inimitable Eli Roth who will be attending the festival to promote the UK premiere of disaster gorefest AFTERSHOCK which he co-wrote, produced and stars in. The movie is set in Chile as a group of partiers become trapped in an underground nightclub, but after escaping they realize that their nightmares are only just beginning.abcsofdeath

Neil Jordan will also be in attendance, showcasing his return to the vampire genre an adaptation of the play about two female vampires who find shelter in a coastal resort named BYZANTIUM.

Other notable movies include Rob Zombies epic LORDS OF SALEM, parasite contagion shocker THE BAYand the UK premiere of much anticipated horror collaboration THE ABC’S OF DEATH – 3 of the directors of which will be in attendance.

If documentary is your thing then you’ll love AMERICAN SCREAM (the best documentary about Halloween Haunted houses ever) and TV fans are in for a treat as the festival will be screaming all seven episodes of Norway’s answer to Twin Peaks HELLFJORD with the director¬†Patrik Syversen also in attendance.

Check here for more information on the movies and here for tickets


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