Event Review: Macabre Faire Film Festival

Truly Disturbing attended the 2nd Annual Macabre Faire Film Festival in Rockville Center, New York. Check out our coverage and my thoughts on the films below!

MFFF_Logo_with_Date_OnlyThis past weekend was the 2nd Annual Macabre Faire Film Festival in Rockville Center, NY. The Film Festival is put on by Twitch Twitch Productions, and features both horror shorts and full-length features.


This film festival is a great platform for independent horror filmmakers. There were a lot of films being showcased, both shorts and full-length films. There were also several vendors and film guests. When we entered the festival, there was a line of envelopes lining a glass partition. This served as a voting system for guests to cast their votes for the Festival’s “People’s Choice” awards. They also hosted their own Awards ceremony with categories such as best screenplay, best actor, best editing. For a complete list of award nominees, check them out http://www.livingdeadmafia.com/macabre-faire-events/macabre-faire-film-fest/award-nominees.html The festival is flooded with horror fanatics and enthusiasts. Some of them came dressed as their favorite horror characters and all could talk for hours on end about their favorite films. (Including myself!)


I sat down to see one of the first screenings, which was a psychological horror film, JON. JON was about a computer engineer, Jon, who’s life gets turned upside down after an imaginary and evil childhood friend returns. The movie had a great premise. At 103 minutes long, the movie had a great set up: evil and mysterious imaginary friend tells young Jon to do bad things and gets young Jon in trouble. After a hypnotherapy session that rid young Jon of evil friend “Blackie,” Jon grows up to be a semi-functional human being who has bad luck with women. Jon starts seeing Blackie again and is confused yet scared that he sees someone who may not actually be there. The movie was a great premise, however, 45 minutes in and there was really not much that happened besides seeing Jon get rejected time after time after time by women in bars. The film also had a fantastic cameo appearance by Lloyd Kaufman, who played Jon’s father. The movie was pretty good, but could have used maybe 3-4 fewer rejections from women–making it maybe 90 minutes instead of 103. JON was written and directed by William Instone and starred Eric Cepeda, Parker Dash, Simon Day, Johanna Goldsmith, William Instone, Lloyd Kaufman, and Jacquelyn Lies.


In order to try and see as many entries as possible, I then switched over to seeing horror shorts. After our lunch break, I sat down to watch Rob Dimension’s short, NO CLOWNING AROUND, which was making its film festival debut. A few week ago, I wrote a review on Rob’s short, and still found it to be an amazing short. I’m happy to report that there was a full house in the viewing of Rob’s short. In case you missed my review, NO CLOWNING AROUND follows a down-and-out Mumbles the Clown as he hits rock bottom after his only shining light, girlfriend Trixie, accidentally overdoses. Mumbles then avenges Trixie’s death by going after the man who got her hooked on drugs, Lenny. NO CLOWNING AROUND was written by Rob Dimension and directed by Rob Dimension and Matthew Burd. The short starred Rob Dimension, Kim Dimension, Steve Corino, Sal Valente, and Matthew Burd.


Next I sat to watch HELLVETICA, which is a horror comedy that was extremely refreshing. The short was written and directed by Kalen Artinian, who is a first-time filmmaker from Toronto. The short is about an unemployed writer who is in a writer’s rut. His pushy girlfriend is constantly nagging him to get a job, and stresses how important he needs to find one. One day, Simon gets a phone call from a job where they need a horror story in a few days. There’s only one problem: Simon is the farthest away from a horror fan as can be. He tries to do some research by watching TV show “Dennis” (a fictional hypersexualized version of Dexter), but realizes the only way he can write horror is if he creates horror himself. He ends up stalking a fellow coffee shop patorn whom he overhears having a rather hilarious conversation about the font Helvetica. The short stars Steven Diego, Justin Doyle, Brock Duke, Lindsay Francisco, Brennan Hehn, Anthony Sardinha, and Carly Tisdall. The short is a fantastic horror comedy short that left the audience wanting more. There is a lot of room to make this short into a full-length feature. The main character, Simon, is a character that can be explored more deeply, along with his turn to the “dark side.” After a short discussion with Kalen, the director, I also think that something to do with the fictionalized TV show,”Dennis” would be a fantastic idea. This horror comedy short has the potential to really keep things going with a feature or webseries. If you happen to catch this short, definitely see this!!!


The final short I was able to catch was call THE EVIL’S GATE, which was an exorcism-type short. The short is was written and directed by Edgar Jimz, and follows a former preacher who falls from grace after his wife and child are killed in a car crash. A few years later, Joseph Ortiz comes in contact with a possessed child who’s demon is out to get Joseph. This contact leaves Joseph to question his faith in God or come to grips with reality. The short is wonderfully acted by Shawn Morales and then 9 year old Anthony Pierini. However, I believe that the time for this film was too short for what it could be. The film would have worked better if it was a bit longer and could explain a few things more fully. However, the ending did leave it open for a sequel, or addition to make it a longer film. THE EVIL’S GATE also starred Ree James Merrill, Hugo Fernandez, Nicollete Pierini, and John Scamardella.


I honestly believe that the Macabre Faire Film Festival could quickly become the premiere horror film festival on Long Island. I only hope that it expands, and becomes even better. Next time the film festival happens in the summer, I hope I can attend the 2nd day of the festival. If you happen to be a horror fan in Long Island, this is definitely a must-go Festival. I personally had a great time, met wonderful people, and saw some great horror shorts!!!

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