Hello friendos!  It’s that time again to get caught up on last week’s episode and to share my thoughts on last night’s.  Read on readers!

Like I said we’ll rehash last week’s “Spilt Milk” episode first so Spoiler Alert!

We started out with Baby Bloody Face getting his calcium for the week from an escort named Pandora.  Again I say Ewwww!  Kit is reunited with Grace and their son in the common room.  Dr. Thredson is doting on the new mother by telling her if she’s having trouble breast feeding he can help her with that.  Pepper, Grace and baby Thomas’s guardian, isn’t falling for his act.  Grace tells Kit what happened during her abduction.  The baby was put inside her full grown, she also tells Kit that Alma didn’t make it through the procedure.  She says that Kit and Thomas are special and they will change the way people think.  As Kit proposes to Grace the Monsignor marches in to take the baby away.  Briarcliff is no place for little ones I suppose.

Mother Superior tells Lana that she wants to help her escape and write an expose that will close Briarcliff down.  She gives Lana the clothes she came in with and Lana takes Dr. Thredson’s taped confession, that was hidden in a bag of flour, and heads down the stairway to heaven.  She sees Kit talking to the doc at the bottom of the stairs.  Dr. Thredson is trying to get Kit to give up the tapes so they can pin the Bloody Face murders on Dr. Arden.  In a very intense split-screen sequence, which evokes Brian De Palma, Kit distracts Thredson long enough for Lana to safely walk out the front door and into a waiting cab.  When Thredson catches wise he runs down the stairs in time to see the cab pull off.  Lana slams the tape against the window and flips him the bird.  Hellarious!  When the bad doctor gets home he finds a beautified Lana waiting for him, with a gun.  With Hitchcockian-like suspense Thredson starts making himself a final drink before the cops, who already have his confession, arrive and we see that he has a gun by the bar.  Just as he reaches for it Lana pops him in the back of the head  and saying that the electric chair was too good for him.


Best moment of the episode!

Best moment of “Spilt Milk”!

Jude is starting to regain her senses and when it’s her turn in the medicine line she tells everyone not to take the meds and flips the tray in the air.  Of course the monsignor isn’t happy with that and he lets her know it.  She mocks him by saying that he would rather have sex with the devil than a woman that loved him.  She also cryptically tells him that “her” god would not allow him to get away with anything.  Her god?  Is it different than everyone else’s?   Anyway off to solitary she goes!  Thanks to Lana Kit gets his walking papers and convinces the monsignor that if he lets Grace and baby Thomas go he won’t rat him out.  After all Grace is technically “dead” according to the records.  Nice thinking Kit!  As they go back to Kit’s homestead they hear an intruder.  Surprise!  It’s Alma and her baby girl!  What?!  Lana goes for an abortion but can’t go through with it.  She also tries to have Jude released but the monsignor tells her that she hung herself.  What a damn liar!  She isn’t dead, just down in the Death Tunnel cowering in a corner.

Whew!  Now on to my brief thoughts on last night’s episode “Continuum”.  The opening scene was enough to leave my stomach in knots for the rest of the episode.  It involved an ax and a lot of blood.  The episode was also set up differently.  Instead of jumping around between characters we see the characters in their own segments as they go forward in time beyond Briarcliff.  I found it to be a nice change of pace.  Most of the characters meet up with each other in the years ahead.  To put it shortly, one character suffers tremendous loss, another looses themselves to their ego and the third sees someone they aren’t ready to see yet.  Don’t I sound mysterious?  I don’t want to give anything away for those of you who haven’t watched it.  We’ve only got one week left kids and I am going to tell you something I hate about this show.  The one hour finale.  I need two hours!  Give it to me next season!  Let me know what you thought of the show and what you hope will happen in the end.  Thanks for reading friendos!

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