Lionsgate to Invest in Low-Budget Horror

Good news for horror film makers who can create awesome movies without massive budgets. Read on for more information.

Lionsgate-logoLionsgate has decided to dig into the low-budget horror trend that has proven so successful with hits like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and THE DEVIL INSIDE.  They have also named John Sacchi as the head of this new division. Low-budget flicks are considered to have budgets of $2.5 million or less. However, low-budget doesn’t mean bad quality. Lionsgate is taking after other companies like Blumhouse Productions and Paramount Insurge that have successfully released horror films. Back in 2004 Lionsgate released a low-budget flick SAW, which turned into a total 7-part franchise with one being released every year.


I know I can saw I’m eagerly looking forward to what this new division of Lionsgate will be releasing over the next couple of years. We will definitely keep you guys posted on what movies this division will be turning out.

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