Here are some Updates on Guillermo Del Toro’s “PACIFIC RIM, “PACIFIC RIM 2,” and “HAUNTED MANSION”

MAMA producer Guillermo Del Toro gives updates about upcoming projects. Check out the inside info below!

Pacific-Rim-poster-BIGHis movie MAMA is about to set fear into theaters on Friday, but fans of Guillermo Del Toro are already looking towards future projects of his with high anticipation. MAMA is already getting good reviews, which only means fans will want more from him.

One of this future projects is “Pacific Rim,” due out July 2013, chronicles an alien invasion of Earth. The film is in post-production already and stars Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Idris Elba, Charlie Day, and Burn Gorman. The shooting script had been through several rewrites and the project had been shooting since as early as November 2011.

When asked about shooting the sequel in 3D, Del Toro has said that he would think about doing PR2 in 3D if the technology became easier to do by the time he starts shooting. Since movie technology is constantly changing, evolving, and improving, its possible that may happen.


As for long-awaited ghost tale “Haunted Mansion,” Del Toro assures us that Disney is still on board and that we will be getting it soon. However, we will most likely be seeing him as the producer and writer, and leave the directing to someone else. He also assures us that it will be scary, with a fun aspect to it. There’s not projected release year on “Haunted Mansion” as of yet, but we will keep an eye on the production updates of it for you and keep you all posted. In fact, we’ll just keep you posted on all Del Toro projects as he looks to be one of the most promising directors of our immediate horror future.



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