HORROR FAN MUST HAVE: New SPECIES statue is ready for a kiss…are YOU?

We rarely do stories about toys or statues for that matter but we found one that is right up our alley. A Species statue has caught our eye and we have the info below.

For this news we go all the way to Japan! That;s right fiends we search high and low for you!

Species by Roswell Japan co, ltd. 1/3 scale Resin kit and Art Statue sculpted by Y. Sano.

The Art Statue looks to be  sold out on the main website for Roswell Japan, but pre-orders are up on foreign websites, so it obviously has not shipped yet. The Resin Kit will still be making the rounds as a backup, but you most likely have to assemble and paint that one up, which is a task for only the most industrious among us.(NOT ME)

A glance around the Roswell site will reveal other garage kits of horror fan favorites. We highly recommend ya check it out.

Now, on to Sil!

sil-species-2 species


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  1 comment for “HORROR FAN MUST HAVE: New SPECIES statue is ready for a kiss…are YOU?

  1. Robin Latham
    May 12, 2015 at 10:07 AM

    Hi there I’m a big species fan and discovered the sil statue 1/3scale from Roswell do you have and info on it. Was it a statue or model kit do you know where I could get one. Thanks for reading Robin

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