Love The Walking Dead? Here are 2 Opportunities to LIVE it in Philly and SDCC!!

See if you could survive  a Walking Dead-like Zombie Apocalypse with The Walking Dead Escape Course in Philly and SDCC. Read more below!

tumblr_m79uqk5bA21qaw3cdPlanning on going to SDCC? Or live near Philly? Here are two opportunities to try your hand at a Walking Dead obstacle course and see if you could survive a Zombie Apocalypse.


If you are on the East Coast, your chance to do this is March 3rd, 2013 from 2pm-7pm at the Wells Fargo Center Complex.

If you are going to SDCC (which it debuted at last year), you can take your chance on the obstacle course on July 19+20th from 5pm-10pm.




The Course includes 6 areas to survive which reflect the events of The Walking Dead:


Evacuation Zone: Here’s where you begin your quest for survival. Outrun the zombies after the safe-zone has been breached.

Herd Highway: Relive a similar highway scene. Dodge zombies during a chaos-ridden and car-packed highway section.

Hospital Hell: Experience what Rick went through when he woke up in the Hospital post-Apocalypse.

The Prison Gauntlet: Make your way through the Prison before Rick and his gang have cleared it. Will you survive?

The Governor’s Gladiators: Remember the Zombie Gladiator scene? See if you can fight off zombies in this gladiator-like environment.

Quarantine: FEMA has come through and wants to check if you are a zombie or not–through experiements.


Here’s a picture of the obstacle course:









For more information and tickets visit:

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