FRIGHT METER AWARDS announce official winners, CABIN IN THE WOODS voted best film

Cabin in The Woods took home the “best picture” award at this years Fright Meter Awards. Check out the official winners below.

frightmeterChairman Troy Escamilla and the Fright Meter Awards Committee have announced that The Cabin in the Woods was named the Best Horror Movie of 2012, and the film also won in four more categories. Wowzers.

For helming the project, Drew Goddard secured¬† Best Director; Goddard and Joss Whedon were honored for Best Screenplay; the cast garnered Best Ensemble; and Cabin‘s final win came for Best Make Up/Special Effects. Read on for the rest of 2012’s best.

That is pretty darn amazing now ain’t it? Some will say the film wasn’t at all scary. I say it may not be the most fear inducing film ever but it was fun!

2012 Fright Meter Award Winners
Best Horror Movie: The Cabin in the Woods
Best Director: Drew Goddard for The Cabin in the Woods
Best Actor in a Leading Role: Vincent D’Onofrio-Chained
Best Actress in a Leading Role: Gretchen Lodge-Lovely Molly
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Michael Fassbender-Prometheus
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Traci Lords-Excision
Best Ensemble Cast: The Cabin in the Woods
Best Screenplay: Drew Goddard & Joss Whedon-The Cabin in the Woods
Best Make Up/Special Effects: The Cabin in the Woods
Best Score: Christopher Young-Sinister
Best Editing: Aaron Yanes-The Bay
Best Cinematography: Tim Maurice-Jones-The Woman in Black

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