Documentary Review: The Truth Behind: Zombies

Think you know everything about Zombies? I bet you don’t. Check out my review of the documentary. Seriously, read this NOW.

2109649So I suffer from ridiculous insomnia and search Netflix nightly for stuff to watch. I decided not to watch my usual  dramatic teenage TV shows (don’t judge!) and stumbled upon a National Geographic documentary called THE TRUTH BEHIND: ZOMBIES. What I thought was a recap documentary about stuff I already knew turned into a whole new perspective on Zombies and its Apocalypse. So here goes my recap of this pretty kick-ass Nat Geo documentary.


We all know how Hollywood Zombies work, we’ve seen it dozens of times. We also see it when THE WALKING DEAD airs. However, you don’t know about the real side of Zombies. Yes, I said REAL. The documentary goes through both the historical perspective (aka Hollywood) and then the realistic side (Voodoo and accounts from Virologists and Zombie researchers). The zombies we are used to are either super slow or super fast, flesh-and-gut-eating and mindless beings that after one bite, you are transformed into the undead. The zombie-researching experts went into great detail on how quickly a Hollywood-like apocalypse would spread. They used a crowded plaza in LA as a perfect example. If they had implanted a Hollywood zombie into the middle of the plaza, the virus would spread so quickly that within 30 minutes to an hour, most of LA would be in total panic over Zombies. They also went into detail how Zombies have the advantage over humans in the way that they don’t sleep, rest, eat, or drink. Their “hunger” for humans trumps everything and they would stop at nothing to get it. Next were the virologists and doctors who went through in extreme detail how our conceived notion of zombification is quite different if it actually happened. Instead of almost instantaneous transformation, a complete biological transformation would take somewhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the virus. Finally, the most terrifying part: REAL ZOMBIES. There are several accounts (one relatively recently) of people in zombie-like states in Haiti. These reports go as far back as to Slavery and the Civil War. There are reports of several voodoo priests that would put people in zombie-like states (although no cannibalistic traits in these zombies). But how do these Voodoo priests get their clients into zombified states? A demonstration from an expert hypnotherapist tested a theory to either prove or disprove possible ways of faking a death and using hypnosis as the state of being a zombie.


Honestly, this was an eye-opening documentary and changed my perspective on Zombies and what would happen if a viral epidemic were to hit the US. The possibility of a viral outbreak as widespread and damage-causing as the Plague or other pandemics is quite possibly the scariest thing. If you recall, in September of this past year, the CDC released a statement warning citizens to have a “Go-Bag” in case a viral outbreak was to occur and evacuation was evident. They even sited a possible “zombie outbreak” which made people nervous and on edge, thinking that the CDC was actually cooking up a “Zombie Virus” at their facility. In case you were living under a rock (or had just moved into your Mayan doomsday bunker) here’s the link to that CDC statement:


So, faithful and disturbed readers, I ask you this: what have YOU done about preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse? Are you guys ready? Would you bunker up, or would you join a group and fight like Rick Grimes and his band of fighting survivors? What would you have in your “Go-Bag” if you were told to evacuate TOMORROW? We’d love to hear your responses.


THE TRUTH BEHIND: ZOMBIES is available now on Instant Netflix. I highly recommend you watch it, you will learn a lot and thoroughly enjoy it.


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